Other materials

Other cases are packages in our offer, which are made, among others, of wood, plastic or other materials. They are perfect for storing various items, such as jewelry, medals, metalwork, advertising gadgets and devotional items.

Jewelery boxes from this offer includes PP-2 packaging, which is made of transparent plastic. Its shape resembles a crystal, which makes it perfect for rings or medallions.

The SC-2 case is made of eco-leather. It has a universal shape - our customers pack pins, medals and jewelry into the packaging. It is an exceptionally elegant packaging, with a dark, fashionable color.

The FU-TPU-18 plastic case is a unique medal packaging with a ribbon - it resembles our existing FU-18 packaging, with a similar purpose - medals on a ribbon. We produce cases only to order - it is possible to determine the color, print and insert before starting production.

If you are not interested in anything from our offer - we can make personalized packaging, according to the instructions. If you want to know more - contact us.