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Our cases succesfuly protect against stratches and damage, and at the same time look stylish. Elegant coin cases available in our offer have flocked pads, with various diameters. We offer a possibility of ordering a custom pad, with your own incision. Thanks to this you are able to fit even the unusual shapes.

We have cases for one, or multiple coins, depending on your needs. Our boxes are available in many colours, so the client can always find the suitable tone. kolorystycznie.

Available products in stock are also perfect for medals. Our pads prevent the medals from moving, while at the same time exposing them nicely. Every case available in our offer is Velvet, which is nice to touch while also being very stylish. If you are searching for a high quality case, we recommend contacting us.

For Pins

Our boxes prevent damages and scratches to the goods, while at the same time helping to expose the item. Elegant Velvet pin boxes have thin pads, which are pierceable by the pin.We also offer a possibility of ordering a case with custom pads, if you would like to avoid piercing the pad. Thanks to that it can store even big pins without the need to pierce the pad.

We offer boxes for one or multiple pins. In these boxes the pins are much more nicely exposed than in plastic bags. To add to that, many clients require pins to be stored in a stylish case.

We offer pin cases in various colours and various sizes. Because of that we can meet the client expectations, no matter the pin size. Other than Velvet cases, we can also offer a leatherette case. Available immediately.

Our Velvet boxes are a perfect fit for jewellery of any kind. They are one of the most common boxes used by Jewellers worldwide. It's no surprise as they are elegant, and at the same time robust. We have many different kind of Velvet boxes in our stock.

We can recommend many boxes in various sizes: square, round or unusual shapes such as hearts. With special pads it can even fit it special jewelry. Available in many colours.

Other than standard models we can offer boxes in shapes such as: a bear, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree. Perfect for Christmas or Birthday gifts.

Religious merchandise, such as Christian Jewelry needs an elegant case to present itself nicely. We can offer many different boxes that perfectly suit church accessories such as Rosaries and Crosses.

A longer box is a perfect fit for Rosaries. A cross fits perfectly in a square-shaped box, preferably in burgundy or dark blue. You can also order a custom print of your logo inside the box. Your clients will be very satisified with the quality of packaging.

We can also offer first Communion and Baptism boxes. They are a perfect fit for gifts.