Velvet Pen or Spoon Box | FU-12


Availability: Available in large quantity

Symbol: FU-12

Available colours: Czerwony, Bordowy, Granatowy

Dimensions: 155 x 60 x 30 mm

Pad: Flat with flocked ribbon

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 24 pcs.

Big carton: 192 pcs.


A flocked case for a Keychain, Pen or a spoon is a perfect packaging for all kinds of advertising gadgets. Its oblong shape ensures that it can accommodate even large advertising accessories. Our customers usually pack spoons, pens and, of course, bricks.

The packaging for key rings is made of high-quality flock. In addition, the insert is adapted to the safe storage of accessories - the ribbon gives them stability, not only during handing out, but also during transport.

We can make an imprint on the bottom of the package. It can be a print of your client's logo, a dedication to employees or any graphic that would interest you. The case is available immediately in large quantities and various colors.


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Available colours

Red, Navy blue, Burgundy, White


155 x 60 x 30 mm


Spoon, Pen, Rosaries, Keychains


Flat with flocked ribbon

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Velvet Pen or Spoon Box | FU-12