Velvet case boxes

Flocked cases are a perfect choice for storing jewelry, medals, coins, devotional items and religious accessories. They look great and additionally protect against damage and scratches. The boxes are made of the highest quality materials, and in addition, they are available in our warehouses "on the spot" at affordable prices.

Flocked jewelery packaging is suitable for any type of jewelery: both rings, necklaces, necklaces and bracelets. We have packaging for every occasion - for example, a flocked red heart is perfect for gifts for loved ones, and even for engagement rings and wedding rings.

The elegant flocked coin cases available in our offer are an excellent choice for metalworkers and numismatists - the boxes have appropriate inserts, which ensure that the medal or coin will not move inside the package. It is much more elegant packaging than, for example, in a plastic bag. We have packages with a tailored insert for the most popular dimensions of medals, additionally for medals with a ribbon or sash. If necessary, we are able to make an insert to size - it is perfect for medals of non-standard shapes.

Velor packaging for pins / pins is one of the most compact packages in our offer. They are perfect for pins, pins, cufflinks and suits. We have two types of inserts - thin inserts that can be pierced with a pin or "pillows" inserts, which allow you to store pins and pins without the need for puncturing.

We also offer velor packaging for devotional items, which, as in the case of jewelry, are ideal for church accessories: rosaries, crosses, pendants and medals. They are the perfect choice for companies involved in the production and sale of these items.

The last category that is popular for us is packaging for accessories and advertising gadgets. We have packaging for pens, key rings, medals and even watches. The offer is intended for advertising agencies and companies selling gadgets.

We also provide printing services - both inside and outside the packaging. Send us your graphic design and we will inform you if we are able to print it on the selected box.

The packaging in our offer is available immediately, in many colors at affordable prices. If you want to know the price list - contact us.