Velvet Heart-Shaped Flower Box | FU-62


Availability: Available in medium quantity

Symbol: FU-62

Available colours: Red

Dimensions:65 x 60 x 41 mm

Pad: Flat pad with incision

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 24 pcs.

Big carton: 288 pcs.


The heart-with-flower jewelery case with the FU-62 symbol is in the shape of a heart with a decorative flower on the bottom. It is a perfect packaging for jewelry - both rings, earrings, wedding rings and even engagement rings and signet rings. Also suitable for cufflinks and pins.

The jewelry packaging is made of high-quality thick flock. Its small size ensures that it is handy - it looks perfect, for example, in a shop display case. The insert in the middle has an indentation, thanks to which the jewelry stored in it is protected against moving. The case is closed with a hinge that holds the lid of the package - thanks to this, the package can stand with the lid open.

The flocked heart case is perfect for Valentine's Day jewelery or similar themed gadgets - customers who buy jewelery in such a package from you will surely be happy to come back for shopping again.

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Available colours



65 x 60 x 41 mm


Rings, Earrings


Flat pad with incision

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Velvet Heart-Shaped Flower Box | FU-62