Velvet Watch Box | FU-5B


Availability: Available in large quantity

Symbol: FU-5B

Available colours: Red, Green, Navy blue, Black

Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 54 mm

Pad: Flocked with special stand for watches or bracelets

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 12 pcs

Big carton: 144 pcs.


A flocked case for a bracelet or a watch with the FU-5B symbol is a perfect packaging for jewelry worn on the hands or neck. The packaging has a unique insert, which is great for storing jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, rosaries and even a watch. The jewelery box perfectly displays the listed items, and additionally protects them against damage. The velor cover ensures that the packaging is pleasant to the touch.

The flocked box has a relatively large shape - thanks to this, even large gadgets can fit in it. In addition, we can make an imprint on the case - both inside and outside - which will additionally decorate the given item. The most popular prints are the company logo or the name of the jewelry collection.

It is suitable for many types of gadgets - consultation with our employee will help you determine whether the packaging would meet your expectations.

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Available colours

Red, Navy blue, Green, Black


92 x 92 x 54 mm


Bracelets, Watches, Rosaries


Flocked with special stand for watches or bracelets

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Velvet Watch Box | FU-5B