Velvet Medal Case 60mm 70mm | FU-51/C2


Availability: Available in large quantity

Symbol: FU-51/C2

Available colours: Czerwony, Zielony, Granatowy, Bordowy, Czarny

Dimensions: 91 x 124 x 33 mm

Pad: Flocked with 60mm or 70mm hole

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 24 pcs.

Big carton: 144 pcs.


The flocked case for a 60mm 70mm medal is one of the most popular medal packaging worldwide. The box includes an insert with an opening suitable for the most popular medal sizes: 60mm and 70mm.

A medal case made of high-quality velor is perfect for medals for various occasions. Its elegant appearance, size and qualities ensure the safety of the awards and make them look elegant. The package insert is lined with a flock pleasant to the touch, and the lid is made of elegant white material.

Additionally, such a case is often required when handing out, both by public and private institutions. It comes in four colors. We provide our clients with the possibility of printing, both inside and outside the case.

The standard dimensions of the inserts are 60mm and 70mm. Nevertheless, it is possible to make an insert with a non-standard cut, depending on the needs.

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Available colours

Czerwony, Zielony, Granatowy, Bordowy, Czarny


91 x 124 x 33 mm


Medals, coins


Flocked with 60mm or 70mm hole

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Velvet Medal Case 60mm 70mm | FU-51/C2