Metalwork case, boxes

Metalwork cases and boxes are suitable for various products of the metalwork industry - medals, pins, pins, gorgets and orders. Our offer includes both flocked, plastic and eco-leather packaging.

Our customers appreciate our medal packaging the most - to pack these accessories, we recommend oblong and rectangular packages with special recesses for medals. For ribbon medals, we can also offer a box with a suitable insert. We have packages for medals with a diameter of up to 80mm in stock - in the case of larger or non-standard medals, we can produce a personalized center of the box.

Cases for pins, pins and cufflinks are also appreciated by our customers - especially packages for single pins, which allow the insert to be punctured with a clasp. There are also boxes with a "pillow" with an indentation. We have packages for pins of various sizes.

A box for a gorget is also available in our offer - large packages of FU-23 or FU-26L are suitable even for large gorgets. In addition, if you are interested, we can make a personalized insert for the box so that the gorget does not move.

It is difficult to choose a metal-work packaging yourself, so please contact us by phone or e-mail - we will answer your question and help you choose the right box.