Velvet Medal Case 80mm | FU-23/80mm


Availability: Available in large quantity

Symbol: FU-23/80mm

Available colours: Czerwony, Granatowy, Bordowy, Zielony

Dimensions: 165 x 165 x 27 mm

Pad: Flocked with 80mm hole

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 12 pcs

Big carton: 72 pcs.


The 80mm flocked case with the FU-23 symbol has an insert with a hole suited to the required diameter. It is a packaging suitable for large medals and coins. The insert is designed so that you can easily remove the medal from it. It is available in four colors and can be printed inside and outside the box.

The case for the medal is made of high-quality velor, it is perfect for large medals and gorgets. Its large appearance ensures that the prize placed in it looks elegant and appropriate. A medal or gorget kept in such a case is also safe - the case prevents any dirt, abrasions or scratches. The fitted insole guarantees that it does not move even during transport.

The standard size of the insert is 80mm - however, it is possible to make an insert with a smaller or larger indentation, depending on the needs.

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Available colours

Red, Navy blue, Green, Burgundy


165 x 165 x 27 mm


Medals, coins


Flat velvet pad with two hooks

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Velvet Medal Case 80mm | FU-23/80mm