Velvet Jewellery Set Box | FU-51


Availability: Available in large quantity

Symbol: FU-51

Available colours: Czerwony, Zielony, Granatowy, Bordowy, Czarny

Dimensions: 91 x 124 x 33 mm

Pad: Flocked flat

Packaging method: 

Small carton: 24 pcs.

Big carton: 144 pcs.


The universal flocked case for a set of jewelry with the symbol FU-51 has an oblong, rectangular shape, which is perfect for displaying a jewelry collection. The packaging is suitable, among others for earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and many other jewelry. Additionally, it is also suitable for metalwork products such as medals. With a special insert, it looks perfect with medals with a diameter of 60mm or 70mm inside.

The flocked case for a jewelry set is made of the highest quality velor. The insert in the package is adapted to the jewelry - it has a gold-plated hook, which is perfect for hanging the jewelry in a jewelry box.

There is a possibility of printing on the outside or inside of the package. The insert in the package can be removed and you can order your own - this is a particularly good solution if you want to pack a medal or decorate the case inside.

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Available colours

Czerwony, Zielony, Granatowy, Bordowy, Czarny


91 x 124 x 33 mm


Necklace, Rings, Bracelets, Jewelry Set


Flat flocked with goldenlike hook

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Velvet Jewellery Set Box | FU-51