Cardboard boxes

Cardboard cases are an ideal choice for storing jewelry, devotional items and advertising gadgets. They look great and additionally protect against damage and scratches. The boxes are made of the highest quality cardboard. They are available in our warehouse "on the spot" at favorable prices.

Cardboard jewelry packaging is suitable for any type of jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces and necklaces. We have boxes for every occasion, for example the red CT series is a perfect match for wedding rings, wedding rings and necklaces for loved ones.

The elegant cardboard case is also suitable for advertising gadgets - pins, key rings, pens and decorations. We can align the print with the company logo on the packaging - thanks to this, it is ideal as, for example, for packing corporate gifts.

Opakowania tekturowe mają unikalny kształt i uniwersalną gąbkę, dzięki czemu są odpowiednie na wiele różnych przeznaczeń. Dodatkowo, jesteśmy w stanie stworzyć wkładkę z gąbki z odpowiednim wycięciem – przykładowo robiliśmy już gąbki z wcięciem na medale, monety, sztabki oraz inne odznaczenia.

We provide printing services - both inside and outside the box. We print both logos, inscriptions or text.

The packaging in our offer is available immediately, in many colors at affordable prices. If you want to know our price list - contact us!