Custom Foam Pads - Medals, Coins, Bars

We cann create a custom pad for any cardboard box in our stock. We mostly manufacture pads for medals, coins, ingots any size. The only requirement is, that the item fits in our box.

Custom pad is a good choice for medals and coins, because it protects the item from moving inside the case. Also it exposes the item nicely, which prevents any possible damage or scratches.

In order to make a custom pad we will need a sample of the designated item (it will be returned). It will take around 2 weeks to manufacture the pad, depending on the current workload. Please feel free to contact us - we will let you know, which case fits your goods perfectly.

On the pictures you can see our previous custom foam pad orders.


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Foam custom pad

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Medals, Coins, Bars



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Custom Foam Pads - Medals, Coins, Bars