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Our boxes are a perfect fit for Jewelry, Medals, Coins and pins

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Elegant Boxes Supplier

We supply elegant boxes for jewelry, medals, coins, accessories and other collectors items. What categorizes our offer is simplicity and style. We offer Velvet and Paper cases in many shapes and forms. Depending on the client needs, we can create a custom box.  

Our offer is intended for clients interested in numismatics: medals, coins and pins. We have cases that not only protect the item, but also expose it stylishly. In stock, we have boxes for most popular medal dimensions: 60mm and 70mm. We also make custom pads for medals any size or form - even irregular ones.

We know, that clients require stylish boxes for special occasions - that's why our jewelry boxes are available for celebrations such as Valentine's day, Christmas or Communion day.

For clients buying jewelry for Valentine's day we recommend flocked boxes in red, with golden ribbon. We also have boxes that look like roses or a heart. These boxes are best used for rings or earrings. Baptism and Holy Communion are celebrations, when children receive their first jewelry. That's why we offer special boxes perfect for this kind of gifts. Some are in shape of a pacifier, bear or a small casket, which makes for a perfect reminder of the holiday.

We have a wide variety of items available in stock.

Try not only our products, but also our proffesional customer service

Our products

For Medals and Coins

Elegant cases for medals and coins. Perfect for various sizes. Custom pads are available

For Pins

Perfect cases for pins - with pierceable pads

For Jewelry

Beautiful boxes for Jewelry, including wedding rings, bracelets and necklaces

Religious Merchandise

Cases that are a perfect fit for various church accessories: Crosses, Rosaries and other

All Products

See all products available in our offer

What do you need?

If you did not find a box, that would suit your needs please contact us. We can try to help you choose a perfect case for your designated item. 

Our consultants are experienced in many industries: Jewelry, medals and numistmatics. We will make every effort to meet your expectations.

We offer services such as: logo imprinting, custom pad making. We can even create a box from scratch. 

In order to discuss the details, please contact us.

Our offer


Cases covered with Velvet/Flock


Made out of high quality cardboard

Other materials

Wooden and plastic boxes